Sharon Marshall to take over fundraising project

8 July 2012

April Selby:

A cause like this needs a very dedicated person to run it, and as such I am pleased to announce that Sharon Marshall has enthusiastically stepped up to take over the running of the project.

Earlier in the year George & Sharon Marshall made a very generous donation to the orphanage which has been vital in helping the orphanage take shape, and for which we are very grateful. They have proven very enthusiastic in supporting the cause, and seeing the orphanage grow.

From this point forward, Sharon will organise and manage the ongoing fundraising and administration of the project, and be providing regular updates of the orphanage's progress.

We are excited that we will soon be receiving a photographic progress report from Angel of the construction works of the orphanage.

To stay up-to-date and be kept informed of our fundraisers, keep an eye on this website, and sign up to our mailing list to receive newsletters.

Angel and I are very grateful to Sharon for taking this huge project on and look forward to seeing the orphanage grow.

Sharon Marshall:

Sharon & George MarshallGeorge and I believe strongly in trying to give something back, to making even the smallest difference in lives less fortunate. After all, if we can enjoy fantastic trips like April’s Wonders of South Africa (and, in our case, East Africa as well), surely we are in a position to make some difference in the lives of those who are not as fortunate.

We will never forget Coffee Bay and we hope to travel there again and stay longer and, so, our dream has merged with the dreams of Angel and April—to make House of Angels a reality, to enable Angel and others to care for the many children who have no one and who need a loving, helping hand. So I feel very humbled and privileged that April has asked me to take on this most important project.

None of us can do it alone, so we welcome your support in the way of ideas, suggestions, time… and of course monetary support will always be welcome. Please feel free to email me at